Range Rules

Guest can call the main number posted at the front for range gate access.

Follow the signs that have black arrows on them back to the Pro Shop, which is 4.1 miles.

Respect the speed limit at all times. Speeding increases road erosion and the potential of hitting wildlife and Cattle.

No alcohol or drugs allowed or under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Place trash is the trash cans

Never go down range at Area A,B,D or E

Eye and Ear Protection required.

Do not leave guns unattended.

No Tracer, Steel Core, Incendiary, or Armor Piercing.

For 5.56 / 2.23 ONLY- No velocity over 3,000 feet per second.

Federal, State and Local Firearms laws must be obeyed.

Discharging a gun in a manner that is careless or reckless is prohibited.

If you hear a siren, please cease fire immediately , unload your gun and step away from them so range staff can go down range and address any emergency.



All muzzles must stay 180 degrees of the back berm except when holstered or bagged.

All bullet impacts must impact the back or side berms.

All shots must be fired forward of the sign posted in the bay.

Don’t shoot steel closer than eight yards.

If there are steel targets set up in the bay, only Pistol Caliber or smaller is allowed in that bay.

Bays without Steel targets, it’s ok to shoot any gun you like.

Pick up trash and shotgun hulls and place in trash cans before leaving the bay.

Reset knock off steel targets before leaving the bay.

You don’t have to pick up brass but are welcome to, as well as any other brass you like on your bay or other un-occupied bays.


Zero Range

All bullets must impact the 25, 50,100 or 200 yard berm.

During a cease fire, all shooters must

  1.  Remove magazines and bolt back

  2.  Stay behind the yellow line.

  3. Do not handle any firearms

Pick up trash and paper targets from the zero board and place in the trash can.


Long Range

No going down range at anytime during business hours.

No cross firing. Shoot at the respective lane of targets from your position

No Armor Piercing, Steel Core or projectiles traveling faster than 3,000 feet per second. This is to preserve our steel targets.


Failure to follow any range rules can result in a ban with no refund.

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